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Toda Kogyo Corp.


Tadashi KUBOTA(Mr.)
Year established
7,477,000,000 yen
31,700,000,000 yen
Postal (zip) code
Company address
1-4 Meijishingai, otake-shi, Hiroshima-ken
Company PR
For more than 180 years since our founding, Toda Kogyo has developed at pace with the industrialization of red oxides, iron oxides, and ferrite in Japan. With the material synthesis technologies that we have developed over this long history, we have established a position for ourselves as a material development manufacturer supporting the foundation of the modern digital network society. Our goal is to utilize our materials to create a new Toda Kogyo which provides solutions in support of IT, the environment, and energy. Towards this goal, we are progressively applying our technologies and experience to develop new materials, and raising the level of our product processing, shifting from materials to applications, in order to provide business solutions. We are determined that we will be a company with true value in the 21st century.
Major Products
Magnetic powder materials (for magnetic tapes, magnetic cards, etc.)
Ferrite materials (for high-frequency electronic parts, electromagnetic wave absorbing materials, vibration absorbing materials, magnets, etc.)
Various types of coloring materials (for toner paints, plastic coloration, textile coloration, concrete coloration, etc.)
Others (Dioxin control processing system, soil purification system, cathode materials for secondary batteries, etc.)
Major Customers
Canon Inc.
SONY Corporation
Nippon Paint Co., Ltd.
Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd.
TDK Corp.
Major Facilities/Equipment
Reaction column 50
 Cylindrical, batch-type columns
Filter 10
 Press filter/rotary vacuum filters
Dryer 10
 Band dryers
Heat treat furnace 10
 Rotary kilns
Mill 30
 Pin mills, bead mills
Technology Employed
Chemical industry
Warm synthesis and hydrothermal synthesis technologies of various types of iron oxides.
Chemical industry
Filtering/refining technology for fine particles of sub-micron order.
Chemical industry
Through-flow drying technology, spray drying.
Chemical industry
Iron oxide synthesis technology via dry process (heat treatment).
Chemical industry
Reduction/oxidization of iron oxide particles via solid-gas reaction and phase transition technology based on temperature control.
Chemical industry
Dry surface treatment technology via kneading method.
Chemical industry
Various types of surface treatment technology based on wet process.
Chemical industry
Technology to purify iron sulphate and iron chloride solution.
Chemical industry
Waste water treatment technology via neutralization/sedimentation method.
Chemical industry
Technology to treat exhaust gas containing SOx.
Primary Area of Technical Expertise

Technology to design and synthesize materials that are not only safe as materials but which also have special characteristics to suit specific uses, making the most of various functions of iron oxide particles/powder (magnetism, coloration, orientation, radio wave absorption, vibration damping, catalytic activity, etc.).

Future Business Challenges
Production/sale of materials to reduce dioxins generated at the time of garbage incineration and chlorine fixation materials
Production/sale of secondary battery/electrode
Production/sale of carriers for full color laser printers
Production/sale of new rare earth magnets
Production/sale of iron oxide thin film products for magnetic recording
Future Technical Challenges
Chemical industry
Various types of emulsion polymerization and suspension polymerization.
Chemical industry
Technology to produce thin films via spattering method.

Has 275 patents in Japan and 276 patents overseas mostly on powdered iron oxides and composite metal oxides based on powdered iron oxides as well as their production technology.

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