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Kyobi Meiboku Co., Ltd., Hotaru Kobo


Kazushi NAKANISHI (Mr.)
Year established
10,000,000 yen
Postal (zip) code
Company address
Company PR
- Kyobi Meiboku Co., Ltd -
Established in 1964 (Showa 39) for the purpose of manufacturing and distributing various precious woods. Currently engaging in wood processing, distribution and manufacturing/distribution of various interior goods.

- Atelier Hotaru -
Established in May 1999 to encourage further use of precious wood. We wish to contribute to community revitalization by providing precious woods and teaching woodwork to the people who are interested in woodwork and wanting to be exposed to woods.

'-Firefly Farm- We are aiming to make soil and build town with the people who are interested in growing flowers and vegitables.

landscape of tea room

Manufacturing of wooden toys.
We manufacture toys that can make everyone happy.
Moving restive horse, made by wood. (Patent No. 4844940)

Major Products
Woodworking classroom where learners can express themselves
Sales and manufacture of excellent soba making utensils (kneading bowls, kneading boards, rolling pins and boards, cutting boards)
Tearoom and gallery
Sales of precious woods
Major Customers
Precious wood stores and general architecture business; private customers.
Major Facilities/Equipment
Fine finishing planer: 1, other woodworking machine: 6
 Shinko Industries 1.0 W-360 II
Wide sanding machine 1
 Takegawa Ironworks
Wood dryer 1
 Marunaka Boeki Card 30
Wood lathe 6
 Hokusan Kogyo CWL-E1: 1, Australia-made machine: 2, other: 3
1000-axis molder
Technology Employed
Lumber/wood products manufacturing industry (except for furniture)
Wood drying. (Low temperature dehumidifier, dryer)
Lumber/wood products manufacturing industry (except for furniture)
Processing and pressing of wood materials
Lumber/wood products manufacturing industry (except for furniture)
Wood and wood-products working. (Wood lathe)
Lumber/wood products manufacturing industry (except for furniture)
Cashew and painting
Primary Area of Technical Expertise

《Manufacture of soba-making utensils》
Manufacture and sales of soba-making utensils (such as mixing bowls, supporting boards, kneading boards, rolling pins, winding rods, and cutting boards)
We can help you to improve your soba-making technique, allowing you to experience the results of the skills you have learned in the past and of your unremitting discipline. This is due to the carefully considered and selected materials and to these products themselves, which are the result of production techniques which have been built up over many years and which are beyond imitation. In order to produce the finest soba-making utensils available, we have received instruction and advice from Takahashi Kunihiro and his disciples. Mr. Kunihiro is a soba-making craftsman at Daruma Sekka Sanbo in Kita-Hiroshima Cho, Hiroshima City.

Future Business Challenges
We exhibit and sell handiworks at the Hotaru Mall with meticulous artists. For details, see the Web site (http://hotaru-kobo.jp/).
Hotaru Kobo Festival
It marks the 14th anniversary this year.
Specialized store about tools for making SOBA noodles professionals.
Opening of Hotaru Farm (natural farming)
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