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Heiando Umetsubo Co., Ltd.


Tunehiko TAKEUCHI (Mr.)
Year established
40,000,000 yen
600,000,000 yen
Postal (zip) code
Company address
7-1-19 Shoko Center, Nishi-ku, Hiroshima-shi
Company PR
For 90 years, Heiando Umetsubo has been providing delicious confectionery that calms the spirit, inspired by the beauty of the natural environment around Hiroshima. The taste of Umetsubo is created through our specially selected ingredients and meticulous production methods that result from our single-minded approach to confectionery making.

Meika gosaku manju (baked bun with filling). Certified as The Hiroshima Brand, a brand name given to only products that exhibit Hiroshima's charm.

Major Products
Meika gosaku manju (baked bun with filling)
Persimmon yokan (sweetened jellied bean paste), a Hiroshima specialty
Unbaked Japanese Confections or Unbaked Japanese sweets
Momiji manju (maple-leaf-shaped cake with filling)
Leaf pie
Major Customers
Rihga Royal Hotel
Hotel Granvia
Daishin Co., Ltd.
Major Facilities/Equipment
Gas band oven 1
 260°C, 3,000 pieces/hour
Automatic bean jam maker 2
 300 kg per 8 hours
Yokan filling machine 2
 450 g × 1,600 pieces/hour
Automatic bean jam wrapping machine 3
 3,000 pieces/hour
Technology Employed
Food manufacturing industry
We prepare various Western and Japanese sweets, from snack to formal gifts, for customers to select from.
Food manufacturing industry
We know bean jam is central to Japanese sweets; therefore we use only the highest quality beans, like the Dainagon beans grown in Okayama Prefecture.
Food manufacturing industry
We make unbaked Japanese sweets that represent the change in the seasons. Our professional pastry chefs put their all into making everything we offer.
Food manufacturing industry
Yokans are transferred to a filling machine immediately after processing, and automatically processed from sterilization to packaging.
Food manufacturing industry
We utilize the latest equipment in sanitation management, for example, air showers and clean rooms.
Food manufacturing industry
We take all possible measures to ensure our product is fresh. Products sampled from each lot are inspected for freshness and quality before shipment.
Food manufacturing industry
All products are kept in a 10°C ± room to minimize spoilage after processing.
Food manufacturing industry
We have implemented an automatic line for various baked sweets to provide lower costs and larger production.
Food manufacturing industry
We use an independent laboratory for all types of health and sanitation testing, and product development.
Food manufacturing industry
Our special packaging with free-oxygen scavengers allows us to deliver our product (excluding some products) all over Japan.
Primary Area of Technical Expertise

We use the highest quality ingredients and expert pastry chefs to produce handmade, delicate unbaked Japanese confections. We are proud that our dried persimmon yokan, made by our exclusive recipe, is recognized all over Japan as a Hiroshima specialty and is known for its subtle flavor that doesn’t overpower the bean jam taste.

Future Business Challenges
Propel forward in resource saving by improvement and innovation in packaging materials, as well as in production process.
Increase out of store sales (mail order).
Develop food service market (coffee houses, tea shops).
Future Technical Challenges
Food manufacturing industry
Produce vacuum-sealed packaging (retort pack).
Information service industry
Change to on-line ordering, stock management, production, and shipping from the branch stores to the main factory.
Information service industry
Manage customer information and sales results through computer terminals at the branch stores.
Information service industry
Implement further automation and labor-saving in the pastry production process.
Information service industry
Provide information about Japanese culture from the viewpoint of traditional confection.
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