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The Japan Steel Works (JSW), Ltd. Hiroshima Plant

Manufacturing Industry

Shigeki INOUE (Mr.)
Year established
19,737,000,000 yen
116,000,000,000 yen
Postal (zip) code
Company address
1-6-1 Funakoshiminami, Aki-ku, Hiroshima-shi
Corporate picture
Company PR
JSW supports key industries in the world and contributes to the global society. JSW manufactures products aiming to be the top technology company. We acquired the ISO9001 certification in 1994 and the ISO14001 certification in 1998. JSW As we approach our 100th anniversary in November 2020, We, JSW, will strive to become a company that generates change with our creative technique to contribute to society. We would like to ask you for your support and encouragement.
Major Products
Plastic injection molding machine
Metal casting machines(Magnesium injection molding machine)
Extruder (twin-screw kneading extruder, pellet manufacturing equipment, and film/sheet manufacturing equipment)
Industrial machinery (various types of gas compressors and automatic couplers for vehicles.)
Other (Defense related equipment, etc.)
Major Facilities/Equipment
Steel-making equipment
 6 t electric furnace, 8 t induction furnace, 8 t high-frequency furnace
Heat treatment equipment
 Plasma nitriding furnace, gas-nitriding furnace, annealing furnace, 150 kg continuous normalizing furnace, 30 t normalizing furnace
Machine tool
 Five-plane processing machine, screw grinding machine, machining center
Testing equipment
 Material testing machine, non-destructive test machine, vibration test machine
Information equipment
 Company-wide E-mail system including affiliates
Technology Employed
Food manufacturing industry
Twin-screw extrusion technology that creates new food materials such as vegetable tissue protein.
Chemical industry
Kneading-granulation technology for super engineering plastics.
Fabricated metal products manufacturing industry
Molding process technology for high performance materials including compounding plastics with new materials.
Ceramics/ceramic products manufacturing industry
Oil-free compressor technology with pressures from 100 m3 /h to 10,000 m3 /h.
Chemical industry
Thixotropic molding technology that “injection-molds”magnesium just like plastics.
Other manufacturing industry
Molding/processing and application technology for new materials such as fine ceramics and new magnetic materials.
Chemical industry
Technology that removes chlorine from wasteplastic and converts it into high-energyfuel material.
Primary Area of Technical Expertise

As an expert in plastic molding, JSW has developed numerous cutting-edge machines with high precision, high reliability and low energy consumption. We will be actively responding to the waves of technological innovations such as development of new applications and hybridization.

Future Technical Challenges
Chemical industry
Technology that makes large-sized, large-capacity pelletizers featuring high performance, energy savings and automated control.
Chemical industry
Technology that makes twin-screw kneader-extruders more compact, automated and systemized.
Chemical industry
Technology that realizes film-sheet-producing equipment featuring high performance and automated control.

JSW possesses 650 industrial property rights concerning injection molding machines, extruders, various types of industrial machinery, environmental technologies, etc. (With the approval to exercise the right on many items.) We have granted many companies the right of normal use of our patent on “Forming Method Blow Molded Products Dies to be Used in Forming” (No.1615837). One of our employees has been sent to Hiroshima University Local Area Joint Research Center as a visiting professor.

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