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Last updated : 02/19/2024

Nikami Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Masahiro ABE (Mr.)
Year established
10,000,000 yen
Postal (zip) code
Company address
3-20-2, Funakoshiminami, Aki-ku, Hiroshima-shi
Company PR

Dedicated to achieving higher quality, shorter delivery times, and lower costs!
We are particularly skilled in the manufacture of precision gears.
We manufacture ``male'' and ``female'' products such as square splines and serrations using gear cutting machines, wire-cut electrical discharge machines, and NC slotters.
Please consult with us about requests concerning not only gears, but also any kind of machined products no matter how difficult. We are confident that we can meet your request using the latest equipment and advanced technologies of our company and of our many cooperating companies.
《Nikami Manufacturing is an engineering group where we truly enjoy the art of production.》

Major Products
Reduction-gear parts (all kinds of gears, output shafts, drive shafts, and worm shafts)
Parts for machine tool
Involute splines (male/female)
Square spline (male/female) timing pulleys
Manufacture of service parts (gears with no drawings)
Major Customers
The Japan Steel Works, Ltd.
Mazda Motor Corp.
Fuji Machine Industries Co., Ltd.
Satake Corporation
40 other companies
Major Facilities/Equipment
General purpose hobbing machine 3
 Maximum diameter: φ1000 mm
 MP0.3 - MP12
CNC hobbing machine 2
 Maximum diameter: φ180 mm
 MP0.3 - MP4
 electric discharge machine 5
 X (370 mm) × Y (520 mm) × Z (300 mm)
NC lathe 4
 Maximum diameter: φ320 mm
 Length: 650 mm
Vertical machining center 1
 X(800mm) × Y(530mm) × Z(510mm)
NC slotter 1
 Stroke: 230mm
Diesinking electric discharge machine(AG60L) 1
Technology Employed
Fabricated metal products manufacturing industry
We process timing pulleys, square splines, involute splines, and sprockets.
Fabricated metal products manufacturing industry
Using our CNC hobbing machine, we process crowning gears, tapered gears, and phasing gears.
Fabricated metal products manufacturing industry
JIS standard gear processing
Fabricated metal products manufacturing industry
Using our wire-cut electric discharge machine we can process all kinds of gears and machine parts.
Fabricated metal products manufacturing industry
We process key paths and splines using our broaching machine.
Primary Area of Technical Expertise

We are particularly skilled at manufacturing all kinds of gears. Using our own material supplies of ordinary steel, special steels (stainless, copper alloys), resins (plastic, nylon), and other materials, we perform cutting, hardening, grinding, and all other processes to deliver the finished product.

Future Technical Challenges
Fabricated metal products manufacturing industry
Integrated manufacture of industrial machinery,including design, drawings, processing, and assembly, based on our gear-processing and wire-cut processing technology.

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