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Shimamura Co., Ltd.

Manufacturing Industry

Chie Shimamura (Ms.)
Year established
25,000,000 yen
460,000,000 yen
Postal (zip) code
Company address
8-8-3 Shoko Center, Nishi-ku, Hiroshima-shi
Company PR
Picture 1

We introduced a gear grinding machine P600 / 800G made by Gleason Fauta in Germany in May 2012.

Picture 2

We introduced a cylindrical grinding machine GE4P 100Ⅱtype made by JTEKT Corp. in November 2013.

Picture 3

We introduced a vertical machining center VM53R type made by OKK Corp. in March 2014.

Picture 4

We introduced CNC gear forming grinder GT - 30 of Yasuda Kogyo Co., Ltd. in January 2016.

Major Products
Major gears for machine tools
Precision gears for printing machines
Gears for precision equipment
Precision gears for textile-related machines
Various types of gears for drilling machines
Major Customers
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machine Tool Co., Ltd.
YBM Co., Ltd.
Toyo Advanced Technologies Co., Ltd.
AbeX Corporation
Fuji Kikai Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Major Facilities/Equipment
Gear grinding machine 6
 Machines manufactured by Maag, Reishauer, Gleason-Fauta. Maximum: M20, maximum machining diameter: 800 mm
Hob Machine 11
 KL1000NC, GA40CNC, etc. Maximum: M20, maximum machining diameter: 2200 mm
Bevel gear cutter 1
 Gleason, Maximum: M7, maximum machining diameter: 450 mm
Gear tester 3
 CLP-35NC 2, CLP-65 1
Vertical machining center 2
 NC lathe 7, others 30
Technology Employed
Production machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
Offers uniform quality for all products by automatic machining via an NC lathe, an NC hobbing machine, and a vertical machining center.
Production machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
Achieves even higher precision products via a rotary surface grinder, and external and internal grinders.
Production machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
Meets requirements of ultra-high precision machining of gears using 6 Maag grinders as well as a Reishauer gear grinder.
Production machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
Equipped with a variety of gear making machines, meets requirements for small to medium lot production of various types of gears.
Production machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
Connecting the office and the shop floor via an on-line system of PCs, carries out production and delivery time control.
Production machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
Through in-process checks and final inspections, makes doubly sure that product quality is maintained.
Primary Area of Technical Expertise

Meets requirements for medium and small lot production of ultra-high precision gears using materials in stock, drawing upon an NC machine, 8 gear grinding machines, and an automatic NC measurement machine.

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