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Nakamoto Honten Co., Ltd.


Toshiyuki NAKAMOTO (Mr.)
Year established
45,000,000 yen
1,578,000,000 yen (FY October 2009)
Postal (zip) code
Company address
Company PR
With fidelity as our guiding precept for 90 years since the founding, our company has worked to promote prosperity in our local society and to assist our customers in their development.
In recent years, amid the tide of digitalization, we have been thinking about how to combine our strengths and changes and have put the resultant ideas into practice.
One of such actions is personnel training. In the printing division which is a pillar of our business, five employees acquired the certificate of the first grade certified skilled worker (printing) (as of December 2009). In the digital division, two employees acquired the certificate of “cross media expert” who are allowed to make proposals not only on paper but also on diverse media including the Internet, mobile phones, digital signage, TV, radio (as of December 2009). In the creative division, too, the quality of the personnel has been edging up as much as to win the Hiroshima Advertisement and Planning Award many times.
To be chosen by clients, we utilize a variety of human resources to provide one-stop service: in addition to planning, design, printing, we cover cross media presentation and production, small-lot printing by POD, package deals and their delivery.


Hi-vision CM is also our specialty.

Major Products
Planning and design of pamphlets such as catalogs, posters, DM, leaflets, company's prospectuses, prospectuses for candidates
Planning and editing of publications such as anniversary events-related (anniversary books, company histories), PR booklets, in-house magazines, privately-printed books
Confidential information (security) related
On-demand printing (POD)
Planning and design of calendars, pocket notebooks, seals, etc.
Major Facilities/Equipment
Planographic printing press 9
 Heidelberg, four-color machine for medium octavo size, Sumitomo Miller four-color machine for medium octavo size, etc.
Printing standarization system 1
 Heidelberg CPC32, CP2000, CPC24 (Image control)
Plate-making machine 1
 CTP Trendsetter, CTF DTR5120 Digital Konsensus Pro, and others
Macintosh & Windows 98
 Apple, DELL, COMPAQ, NEC, and others
 DTP workstation
Technology Employed
Printing/printing-related industry
DTP production via Macintosh, Windows, and EDIAN WING, based mainly on postscript output
Printing/printing-related industry
Nakamoto Honten handles member lists, yearbooks, etc. efficiently utilizing custom-built databases and C programs.
Printing/printing-related industry
Preparation of Internet websites.
Printing/printing-related industry
Nakamoto Honten offers planning/proposals from our design office.
Printing/printing-related industry
Various items of bookbinding equipment.
Printing/printing-related industry
Postscript files are handled regardless of machine type.
Primary Area of Technical Expertise

We use numerical control for advanced color management. Our digital contents division has become involved in TV commercials, and is particularly skilled at 3D creations. We are involved not only in print media, but in all media forms.

Future Technical Challenges
Printing/printing-related industry
Via Internet, CD-ROM, etc. Nakamoto Honten helps its customers disseminate information efficiently.
Printing/printing-related industry
All aspects of publishing are handled from planning/proposal of various types of printed matter to bookbinding.
Printing/printing-related industry
Production of DVDs and CD-ROMs for home entertainment
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