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Koizumi Honten Co., Ltd.


Ryuji KOIZUMI (Mr.)
10,000,000 yen
100,000,000 yen
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Since long ago, Koizumi Honten has been making sake as the sake brewery of the Itsukushima Shrine on the island of Miyajima, which is said to be one of the three most scenic places in Japan. Expressing his thoughts on the proper place for Japanese sake, Kenichi Yoshida said, Sake would hate to depart from its native land. Koizumi Honten aims to produce sake deeply rooted in the climate of Hiroshima.

Sake with a unique “smooth, subtly sweet flavor”

In celebration of Prime Minister Koizumi, with whom we share our name, this highest quality sake (daiginjo) is named as “Koizumi.” The sake is made from “Senbonnishiki” sake rice, unique to Hiroshima.

Major Products
Well-mellowed refined sake (Miyuki)
Sake brewed with rice and fermented rice enzyme (Miyuki Enjukiku)
Pure refined sake (Miyuki Sake kiji)
Handmade (Miyuki Daiginjo) limited-production product
Refined sake for cooking (Miyuki Ajisake)
Major Customers
Hiroshima Liquor Commerce Cooperative
Sun Liq Kokubu Co., Ltd.
Hiraoka Co., Ltd.
Hakubishi Co., Ltd.
Major Facilities/Equipment
Steamed-rice cooler 1
 N20 type
Yabuta-type automatic unrefined sake press 1
Weak pressure rice steamer 1
Stainless steel jacket tank 2
 2200 liters
All-season fermentation facilities for brewing small lots of high-quality sake 1 unit
Technology Employed
Drink/tobacco/feed manufacturing industry
Koizumi Honten has a product lineup that meets a wide variety of needs, and can quickly fulfill small lot orders as well.
Primary Area of Technical Expertise

- Bottling know-how for multi-item small-lot production Small-lot and high-quality brewing technology, independent of season, of Japanese sake - Technology for brewing small quantities of high-quality sake at any time of the year

Future Business Challenges
Establishment of a cultural research studio to study Japanese sake from a cultural perspective
Future Technical Challenges
Drink/tobacco/feed manufacturing industry
Brew of a variety of sake using our operating fermentation systems, which are capable of brewing small volumes of multiple types of sake.
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