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Ichibayashi Iron Works Co., Ltd.


Noriyuki ICHIBAYASHI (Mr.)
Year established
15,000,000 yen
360,000,000 yen
Postal (zip) code
Company address
5755 Kurahashi-cho, Kure-shi, Hiroshima-ken
Company PR
Using its many years of experience in hot precision closed die forging, Ichibayashi manufactures dies and offers product-making techniques that utilize the superiority of hot-forged products. Consider Ichibayashi not only for design but also as a means to cut costs during mass production.
Major Products
Hot precision closed die forgings, particularly small, specially-shaped products
Hot forging dies
Forging processing and delivery of completed products
Major Customers
Misumi Co., Ltd.
Iseki & Co., Ltd.
Unitite Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Mitsubishi Motors subcontract factories
Mazda Motor subcontract factories
 Plus 70 other companies
Major Facilities/Equipment
Air stamp hammer 5
 1/2 t, 3/4 t, 1 t
Upsetter 1
 125 t
Induction heater 2
 200 kW
Electric discharge machine 5
 Wire cutting general-purpose NC
Machining Centers 1
Technology Employed
Transportation machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
Ichibayashi designs utilizing features of forged products and helps to improve integrated forming and strength.
Transportation machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
Ichibayashi performs precision forging based on long years of experience.
Transportation machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
Ichibayashi applies die construction method technology, such as electric discharge machine.
Transportation machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
With milling accomplished via cold-rolled coining, flatness precision and surface roughness requirements are met.
Primary Area of Technical Expertise

Ichibayashi makes products by utilizing the features of forgings based on precision dies using CAD/CAM. The traditional image of small quantity, high die cost, and slow delivery does not apply. Ichibayashi can meet even small-lot orders with short delivery deadlines.

Future Business Challenges
Expansion of, and PR pertaining to, multi-item small-lot forging production that achieves low cost and short delivery deadline
Ability to deliver not only forged completed products but also heat-treated and machined products.
Expansion of products that utilize superiority of forgings (strength, dense structure, wide variety of material types, etc.)
Integration of friction-welded and other composite products through special forging
Reduction of machining costs by machining only portions required
Future Technical Challenges
Transportation machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
Reduction of machining through multi-item small-lot forging.
Transportation machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
Implementation of hot closed die forging of nonferrous metals.
Transportation machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
Use of electric discharge machine to meet mass-production orders.
Transportation machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
Development of composite machinery together with other machines that utilize the superiority of forging.
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