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Imanishi Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Manufacturing Industry

Hirofumi IMANISHI (Mr.)
Year established
70,000,000 yen
(Average of yearly turnover)
Postal (zip) code
Company address
5-7-17 Yagashin-machi, Higashi-ku,
Corporate picture
Company PR
Since started our business in 1921 as a wood pattern maker for castings, we have expanded business activities into various related technological fields.
 By fully utilizing our craftsmanship and CAD/CAM technology, we provide various products such as casting dies and molds, welding tools for car body assembly and various castings consistently from design, manufacturing to trial.
Major Products
Various models by 3D printers (design, master, pattern model)
Precision castings by a 3D printers and various castings (ZAS, FC, FCD)
Casting molds / stamping dies for prototyping / plastic molds for prototyping (RIM, blow, INJ)
Welding tools for car body assembly / Automated equipment
Major Customers
Mazda Motor Corp.
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.
The Japan Steel Works, Ltd., Hiroshima Machinery Works
Major Facilities/Equipment
3-dimensional CAD/CAM system 42
NC, machining center, and electrical discharge machine 20
  Small/medium/large machining centers (12 units), Five faces milling machine (2 unit), NC milling machines (2 units), NC electric discharge machine (1 unit); wire electric discharge machine (1 unit); other
Electric welding furnace 2
  1.5-ton high-frequency induction furnace (1 unit) 4.0-ton low-frequency induction furnace for ZAS (1 unit)
Rapid prototyping machine 2
  Stereolithography machine ATOMm-4000, laminated object manufacturing machine LOM - SC 800
Inspection measuring machine 6
  Coordinate measuring machine 1, layout machine 1, FARO ARM 4
Technology Employed
Transportation machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
Imanishi provides consistent service, from concept planning to the design, manufacture, and trial production of various dies and tools.
Transportation machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
From surface and solid models to NC machining, 3-dimensional CAD/CAM systems make a large variety of tasks possible.
Transportation machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
Direct NC machining allows Imanishi to make dies and tools quickly to meet short delivery deadlines.
Transportation machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
Imanishi has experienced engineers to perform 3-dimensional forming and finishing in addition to high technology.
Transportation machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
Graphite electrode finishing machine and NC electrical discharge machine make special machining possible as well.
Transportation machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
Among car body production equipment manufacturers, we are specially skilled in body side with complicated 3D shape.
Transportation machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
With Imanishi's plastic molds dies, products made by RIM, blow, and injection molding can be produced.
Transportation machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
Imanishi produces zinc alloy (ZAS) and cast-iron (FC, FCD) castings, and contributes to supply of raw materials for Imanishi's molds and dies.
Transportation machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
Imanishi produces and sells P-urea, precision casting pattern material. Imanishi can even accommodate requests for prototype precision casting products for various uses.
Transportation machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
Through Imanishi's quality control system, completed dies are tested until ready as a product.
Primary Area of Technical Expertise

Using the die and mold technology and casting technology that it has accumulated through the years since being founded, and adding its hand-fabrication technology and CAD/CAM technology, Imanishi offers a variety of dies and production equipment at high quality, quick turnaround, and low cost.

Future Business Challenges
Development of new demand for growing industries, including industries overseas
Offering of know-how that employs die and mold technology, and product development that adds original design elements
Conversion from being dependent subcontractor to autonomous enterprise by further advancing the company's independently developed technology
Future Technical Challenges
Transportation machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
Die-creating technology centered on 3-dimensional CAD.
Transportation machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
Construction of new molding technology by combining 3D printing (rapid prototyping) technology with precision casting technology.
Patent / utility model
*Patent "Clamp device for positioning parts" (joint patent with Mazda) (2003)
*Patent "Iron mold and its manufacturing method" (2010)
*Patent "Self-hardening mold method by using lost model" (2010)
*Utility model "pulling tool for knock pin" (2011)
*Patent "Method for forming steel sheet by hot pressing"
 (joint patent with Mazda, Keylex, and Sekisou Kanagata) (2015)
Research and development
*Certified as " 2007 R & D project company of regional regeneration consortiums " by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (2007)
*Certified as " 2008 R & D project company for Regional Innovation " by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry(2008)
*Certified as " 2009 R & D project company for Regional Innovation " by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (2009)
*Certified as "2009 Subsidized company for product development support to monodzukuri (manufacturing) SMEs " by Small and Medium Enterprise Agency, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (2009)
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