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Hiroshima-Yamadai Co., Ltd.


Masanori HORI(Mr.)
Year established
10,000,000 yen
1,800,000,000 yen
Postal (zip) code
Company address
Company PR
Hiroshima-Yamadai manufactures products under received orders by plastic molding with the integrated production system covering from injection molding of variety of plastic parts in small lots to assembly. In particular, for insert and outsert moldings for which special technologies are required, we have accumulated extensive technologies and know-how over many years. For general automotive parts or other parts, necessary materials and molds are supplied from users. On the other hand, insert molding requires special product design, therefore we integrate the concept of customer’s new product into our product design and mold manufacturing in cooperation with other companies belonging to the same group in order to offer satisfactory injection-molded products. These efforts have grown us to a company which develops specific technologies. We will respond new customers’ requests on a daily basis by combining the mutual technologies in the group.

Plastic functional parts and automotive parts

Plastic functional parts and automotive parts

Major Products
Plastic functional parts and automotive parts
- Window regulator components (inset molding/double molding)
- Interlock cable
- Trunk opener lever, fuel lid opener, hood opener lever
- Cable assy gear control parts
- Master cylinder piston
- Adjuster assy
- Carrier plate
- Anchor, parachute
Major Customers
Hi-LEX Corporation
Daisan Co., Ltd.
Major Facilities/Equipment
Small injection molding machine 7 units (vertical type: 4 units, lateral type: 3 units)
 Small precision injection molding machine, 40 to 150 ton
3-D measuring unit 1 unit
 BH-V504-2Y (Mitutoyo Corporation)
Projector 1 unit
Technology Employed
Plastic products manufacturing industry
A series of operations from mold concept planning, design and manufacturing to trial for insert and outsert moldings are performed in cooperation with the group companies.
Plastic products manufacturing industry
Insert and outsert injection moldings are performed using the molds designed by us, and final assembly of the molded parts is also performed.
Primary Area of Technical Expertise

Our company specializes in insert and outsert moldings which require special technologies in plastic small precision injection molding. In the insert molding*1 and outsert molding*2, it is important to participate in the concept design phase of customer’s new product and integrate the concept into our product design and mold manufacturing, therefore specific precise technical know-how is required. We have accumulated the technologies over many years with much effort invested in product design and mold manufacturing technology development. *1: In the insert molding, an insert is placed into the molds, then molten resin is injected around the insert and solidified. *2: In the outsert molding, resin is affixed on a part of the outsert object by molding to integrate them.

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