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Hirose Printing Co., Ltd.


Atsushi Seo
Year established
4,200,000 yen
350,000,000 yen
Postal (zip) code
Company address
3-3-12 Nakahiro-machi, Nishi-ku, Hiroshima-shi
Company PR
We have an integrated in-house system, covering everything from design to printing. We are ready with advanced technical power and highly-efficient equipment to handle a broad range of orders. Our customers are confident that we will provide on-time delivery of high quality products that meet their needs. You can order with trust as we have acquiredl privacy mark.
Major Products
Company information, facility information, product catalogs, brochures
Posters and flyers
Wrapping paper, packaging
Invitations, direct mailings (postcard, etc.)
Various types of slips, envelopes, cards, business cards, pocket tissue, fan, calendar, other novelty items etc.
Major Facilities/Equipment
Offset printing machine 4
    5-color half medium octavo size printer: 15,000 pages/hour, PQC installed as standard, with automation
    4-color half medium octavo size printer: 15,000 pages/hour, PQC installed as standard, with automation
On-demand printing machine 2
Post-press equipment (post-processing) 8
    Fully automatic cutter, automatic binder, wrapper, folder, puncher, counter
Pre-press equipment (production, proofing) 1
    Fully automatic thermal CTP system, super composer
DTP dedicated terminal 5
    Adobe 5.5 to CC capable
    fully equipped with file server
Technology Employed
Printing/printing-related industry
We have high performance, high quality printers with automatic ink density and automatic ink supplier.
Printing/printing-related industry
We use a fully-automatic CTP system for direct output of press plates from MAC data..
Printing/printing-related industry
Planning, designing, laying-out, color outputting, and film outputting are possible with MAC.
Printing/printing-related industry
We can deal with large size paper and cut paper up to a maximum of 1,100 mm thick.
Printing/printing-related industry
Our folding machine, stitcher, auto-counter, puncher, etc. allow us to do quick turnaround and delivery.
Printing/printing-related industry
We offer good quality control by checking our products thoroughly and by careful final packaging.
Primary Area of Technical Expertise

We can satisfy the customer's high demand by using the processing network that extends to the whole country and our own printing technique to correspond to the promotion that is subdivide and diversified. We have been receiving orders of the ultra-high-density print since FY2004, and environmental protection print since FY2006.


We have obtained design right of HARISEN SHAMOJI

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