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Asahi-Do Co., Ltd.


Hideki TANABE (Mr.)
Year established
10,000,000 yen
90,000,000 yen
Postal (zip) code
Company address
1-5-23 Konan, Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi
Company PR
Asahi-Do makes a variety of Japanese-style snacks, particularly cakes, completely by hand and in small lots in order to meet the individual needs of customers. We also offer a range of seasonal Japanese-style cakes.
Our stores are located in Sunlive Fuchu (Phone: 082-581-2110), on the first floor of the Hiroshima Station Building ASSE (Phone: 082-263-8013), and in Yume Town Otake (Phone: 0827-57-0825).

Red and white issho tanjo mochi (birthday rice cake), Carp Monaka (bean-jam-filled wafers), and Japanese-style cakes

A selection of Japanese-style cakes created only in the summer season

Major Products
Gift from Hiroshima: Koriyama Castle Motonari Jindaiko (cakes)
Gift from Hiroshima: Motonari Konomi Tsuppari-mochi (rice cakes)
Gift from Hiroshima: Carp Monaka (bean-jam-filled wafers)
Kashiwa-mochi (rice cake wrapped in oak leaf), dango (dumplings), sakura-mochi, warabi-mochi (bracken-starch pastry), and various other Japanese-style cakes
Sekihan (festive red rice), kohakuiwai-mochi (festive red and white rice cakes), okagami-mochi (round rice cakes for the New Year’s celebration), and other cakes
Major Customers
Hiroshima Bus Center Co., Ltd.
Fukuya Co., Ltd. (department store)
Fuji, Ltd.
Japan Railway Service Net Hiroshima
ASSE Co., Ltd.
Aeon Retail Co., Ltd.
Major Facilities/Equipment
Automatic bean-jam filling machine 1
 Maximum 2400/hour
Technology Employed
Food manufacturing industry
Asahi-Do makes tea cakes daily and by hand for each season.
Food manufacturing industry
Through special packaging utilizing deoxidizers, a variety of products can be delivered nationwide.
Primary Area of Technical Expertise

A wide variety of products are made by hand daily; thus, small orders of high-quality snacks can be met. Try out Asahi-Do’s traditional cakes during Japan’s seasonal events, such as the Doll Festival, Children’s Day, autumnal lunar festival, and the equinoctial week (higan).

Future Business Challenges
Development of souvenir cakes that are representative of Hiroshima
Sales methods that bring people closer to Japanese-style cakes
Future Technical Challenges
Food manufacturing industry
Introduction of labor savings to cake manufacture.
Food manufacturing industry
Control and utilization of customer information.
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