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Mentec World. Co., Ltd.

Manufacturing Industry

Setsuko KOMATSU (Ms.)
Year established
96,740,000 yen
1,800,000,000 yen
Postal (zip) code
Company address
2-2-1 Iida, Hachihonmatsu, Higashi-hiroshima-shi
Corporate picture
Company PR
Mentec World. Co., Ltd. is the company where maintenance engineers are gathered with a history in which we have supported the production line for over 40 years with the "maintenance-free spirit (reduction of maintenance cost)" as a primary corporate company of the major automakers in Hiroshima and Kyusyu. With a pioneer spirit and engineer spirit, we have developed the "overall efficiency" business in plant to deal with various kinds of situations such as cost, quality, safety and health based on "TPM (Total Productive Maintenance)" for 21 century. We have actively taken part in the "environmental business" by making use of the experiences obtained from the actual results of maintenance. One of the activities is to produce the "Dust buster" and "Mist net" which inhibit dust with "bubbles" or "mist" to improve the working environment of the stone pit, intermediate treatment facility, iron work, demolition yard, or other sites. Producing and selling them were started 12 years ago, and now approximately 200 units are working in the world to improve the poor working environment because of dust in various kinds of markets. Also, our "Spiral duct" featuring low cost, size free, light weight, and high rigidity by winding the sheet metal coil in continuous spiral and connecting with caulking has been used in the various kinds of fields such as air conditioning/ventilation equipment for 40 years since the production was started.
Picture 1

"Dust Buster" and "Mist Net" are low-cost and the environment-friendly dust restraining devices using the bubble and the mist for the dust problem in the industrial site.

Picture 2

"Dokodemo Hikari Mado (skylight window anywhere you like)" captures sunlight into the duct which is specular structure inside, delivers eco-friendly natural light indoors.

Major Products
Dust restraining device, controlled by bubble "Dust Buster"
Floatage dust capture device, using the mist to capture "Mist Net"
Spiral formed metal cylinder "Spiral Duct"
Eco-duct by effective use of solar "Dokodemo Hikari Mado"
Evenly cool "Dry ice pellet" φ3 mm and φ6 mm
Major Customers
Mazda Motor Corporation
Nissan Motor Co.,Ltd
Kobelco Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd
JFE Steel Corporation
DaikyoNishikawa Corporation
Major Facilities/Equipment
Dust suppression system
 Demonstration machine "Dust buster", Demonstration machine "Mist net", Demonstration car "Dust buster"
Spiral Duct
 Spiral duct forming machine, Plasma cutting machine, Laser cutter, Press brake, Shah
Cleaner separation
 Super high pressure washer, High pressure washer, pressure washer, The car by high pressure washer, Car vacuum
Cleaner separation tank
 Hot water tank cleaning, Chemical cleaning tank
Dry ice
 Dry ice pelletizer (φ3 mm, φ6 mm), Dry ice blast cleaning equipment
Technology Employed
Commercial machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
The floating dust suppression technology using the foam instead of the water scatter method.
Commercial machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
The technology which catches the powder dust that floats, using the mist instead of the water scatter method.
Fabricated metal products manufacturing industry
The technology that overlaps both ends of hoop iron by rolling it like spiral and gives strength.
Fabricated metal products manufacturing industry
The technology to transmit sunlight using the duct with internal specular structure.
Chemical industry
The technology to turn dry ice into pellets ( φ3 mm and φ6 mm )
Primary Area of Technical Expertise

The technology that washes the paints (the embrocation coating is done by chemical specialties in advance) which adhere to painting facility only by hot water processing.

Future Technical Challenges
Commercial machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
●Development of the dust suppression device, which can be used in construction site, that is equipping heavy equipment.
Commercial machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
●Development of movable dust suppression device, and miniaturization of the device.
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