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Mizuto Co., Ltd.


Junji MIZUTO (Mr.)
Year established
10,000,000 yen
Postal (zip) code
Company address
3-4 Kuchi, Asa-cho Asakita-ku, Hiroshima-shi
Company PR
[1] Design: related to electricity and sheet metal processing for high-voltage distribution panels.
[2] NC program: 2D/3D transmission system.
[3] Sheet metal processing: based on long years' experiences and using NC machines, we are able to satisfy customers' requests in precision sheet metal processing, stainless-steel and aluminum processing, and particularly sheet metal processing for cubicles.
[4] Painting: melamine powder coating is performed in two booths, with a large size drying furnace and a hanging-type drying furnace.
[5] Assembly: wiring assembly of cubicles and distributors.
As above, we have established a seamless system from designing/planning to delivery/inspection, in which our expert inspectors will ensure both quality and delivery dates.
We acquired the ISO standard in April, 2010.

Underground-type boxes for electric cables

High-voltage distribution panel: Designing → sheet metal processing → painting → assembly/wiring (all done by our company)

Major Products
High-voltage distribution panels
Equipment/systems for power facilities (including underground-type boxes)
Precision sheeting/paneling
Major Customers
The Chugoku Electric Manufacturing Company, Incorpoarted
Panasonic Electric Works Denko Co., Ltd.
Morii Dengyo Co., Ltd.
Major Facilities/Equipment
NC press-brake 3
 170t × 3100, 110t × 3100
NC turret punch press 2
 30 t x 1270 x 1860, 30 t x 1525 x 1860, laser beam machine 1525 x 3000
Robot welding system 2
 Turntable type, Sliding rail type
Painting/coating system 2
 Drying furnace; 3500 x 3500 x 3000, drying furnace (hanging type)
Wiring assembly inspection system 1
Technology Employed
Electric machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
Precision sheeting/paneling of steel, stainless steel, etc. especially boxes with complicated features/contours which require high precision.
Electric machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
Offering services to cope with production of a variety of different items in small batches.
Electric machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
Air-drying → melamine coating by baking, powder coating
Electric machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
Processing of non-ferrous metals such as aluminum
Electric machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
Output of wiring/assembly of cubicles (including coating of sheets/panels): approx. 60 units per month.
Primary Area of Technical Expertise

We provide high precision, high quality products and save time with our integrated production system covering coating and assembly (wiring included) by combining CAD & NC processing technologies and NC machines to further satisfy customers.

Future Business Challenges
Special metalwork and metal parts for building/construction purposes and stainless steel products used for interior decoration.
Proposals relating to CAD and CAM.
Future Technical Challenges
Electric machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
Developing interior-furnishing related products. Studying surface finishing for stainless-steel, etc.
Electric machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
Expanding production using CAD/CAM.
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