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Tech Corporation

Manufacturing Industry

Yoshinori NAKAMOTO (Mr.)
Year established
70,000,000 yen
9,254,850,000 yen
Postal (zip) code
Company address
Kureshin Hiroshima Bldg. 9F, 2-6 Mikawa-cho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi
Corporate picture
Company PR
Environmental equipment manufacturer developing, manufacturing and distributing products specialized in environment.
We propose a product from the viewpoint of user for problems closely related to everyday life, such as garbage disposal and sanitation management.
Most of the products we handle are "ONLY ONE" with a patent.
For various problems related to environment such as garbage disposal and cleaning/ sanitation management of facilities, please feel free to contact us.
Picture 2

Water server that generates hydrogen-rich "hydrogen water" from tap water and five gallon bottle of water.

Picture 3

A hygiene system that uses electrolysis to turn tap water into one that has cleaning, disinfecting, and deodorizing properties.

Picture 4

The volume of garbage are significantly reduced by the power of bio. A large amount of the garbage generated every day can also be processed efficiently.

Picture 5

An equipment to generate bubbles of nanometer in the liquid. It is expected to function actively in many fields such as cleaning and crop growth promotion.

Picture 6

It enables more efficient power by combining "fine bubbles"that exhibits high cleaning and sterilizing effect with "Electrolyzed water".

Major Products
Recycling the food resorce "MAGIC BIO KUN".
Environmental hygiene system by electrolyzed water "ESS".
Hydrogen water server "E〜Mizu H2".
Fine bubble generator "Fine Aqua".
A New Idea. Bubbles for Healthy Business. "AQUA・FINE PREMIUM".
Major Customers
Akahori Eco system Ltd.
Akagawa Seisakusyo Ltd.
Spring co.,ltd
Technology Employed
Commercial machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
Speedy garbage disposal is possible. Without an offensive odor, Most of the organic matters are converted into water and carbon dioxide, and released to the atmosphere within 24 hours.
Commercial machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
Production of "electrolyzed water" that cleaning, disinfecting and deodorizing effect even without chemical treatment can be expected. Suitableness for cleaning , laundry, cleaning of foodstuffs, etc.
Commercial machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
Growth promotion in agriculture, cleaning of precision machines in industry, water purification and oxygen concentration control in fishery, etc.
Commercial machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
Hydrogen water server that boasts a high dissolved hydrogen concentration. Provision of hydrogen water with stable quality by a special electrolytic method. Vending machine type available.
Primary Area of Technical Expertise

(1) High-speed fermentation and decomposition in the food waste processor
(2) Large reduction in odors produced during the fermentation and decomposition process
(3) General hygiene management technology using electrolyzed water
(4) Technology to generate [ultrafine bubble/fine bubble] in the water
(5) Maintenance technologies and a maintenance system which can respond on the same day anywhere in Japan

(6) Fine bubble acidic electrolyzed water generating apparatus for food processors

Future Technical Challenges
Commercial machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
●Power-saving technologies for food waste processors
Commercial machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
●Circulating system hygiene management: Hygiene management technologies using electrolyzed water for pools and large public baths
Commercial machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
●Development of applications for cleaning with electrolyzed water; systems for generating electrolyzed water in large volumes
Commercial machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
●Technology to extend the length of the period that hydrogen remain dissolved in the solution
Commercial machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
●Expand possibilities of Fine bubble in various fields
Commercial machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
●Development of applications for electrolyzed water in the fields of agriculture and food process

・Mixing and pulverizing system for food waste processing: Patent No. 3041620
・Packaged food separating system: Patent No. 3890480
・Electrolyzed water purification system: Patent No. 4820656
・Dyeing wastewater treatment method: Patent No. 4791936
・Electrolyzed water laundry systems: Utility Model Registration No. 3121344
・Multi-tank continuous contaminated water purification system: Patent No. 4009668
・Flocculant: Patent No. 5216338
・Electrolyzed drinking water generator that uses bottled water as raw water: Patent No. 5335741

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