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Seiwa Giken Co., Ltd.

Manufacturing Industry

Takehiro Ohe (Mr.)
Year established
13,000,000 yen
Postal (zip) code
Company address
141-2 Kamigouchi, Itsukaichi-cho, Saeki-ku,
Company PR
We are manufacturer that produce powder/liquid related equipment mainly for chemical industry, based on the concept of "Providing products and services that exceed customer expectations". We correspond totally in-house from mechanical design, processing and assembly adjustment to electrical design, wiring and control panel assembly. Our skills to design and produce special-ordered facilities with high technology have gained the trust of the leading companies nationwide.
Picture 1

Powder and granular screw feeder

Picture 2

High-speed shaker to mix for laboratory

Picture 3

Liquid / powder mixer

Picture 4

Powder mixer

Picture 5

Screw conveyor conveying machine

Picture 6

Liquid filling machine

Major Products
Powder supply machine · Screw feeder
Powder Mixer
Powder transport machine · Screw conveyor
Liquid metering filling machine
Disperser, Stirring and mixing machine
Testing machine for lab (Dispersing, stirring and dispensing)
Special-designed and manufactured facility
Major Customers
Hitachi Chemical Company, Ltd.
Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation
Semco Co.,Ltd.
Asada Iron Works Co.,Ltd.
Sumitomo Metal Mining Co.,Ltd.
Kure Grinding Wheel Co.,Ltd.
Chemical product manufacturers
Food Manufacturers
Medical Suppliers
Universities・Research Institutes etc.
Major Facilities/Equipment
NC lathe
 Okuma, LB-15
Machining center
 Hamai Sangyo, 5 VA
Universal lathe
 Mori Seiki, MR1500H; TONGIL, TIPL-4; Washino Kikai, LEO-80A;
Universal milling cutter
 Yamazaki Giken, YZ-8; Hitachi Seiki, MS-V;
Nakabou Chuzou Tekkosho, Slotter;
Daihen, Semi-automatic welding 350;
Drilling machine
TIG welding machine , Spot welder
Metal slitting saw, Air compressor etc.
Technology Employed
Production machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
Manufacturing facilities in-house・Design/Fabrication of system.
Electric machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
Electric design・Manufacture of control panel.
Primary Area of Technical Expertise

We provide an integrated system of production in-house, ranging from testing analyzing equipment to industrial facilities for production, and from mechanical design/manufacture to electric control design and control panel manufacture. We can develop unique and original new products making use of technical skills with the sales and design teams working together.

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