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Ogawa Co., Ltd.


Yoshiki OGAWA (Mr.)
Year established
100,000,000 yen
2,955,000,000 yen
Postal (zip) code
Company address
2854 Kuchi, Asa-cho, Asakita-ku, Hiroshima-shi
Company PR
Have you ever considered the monuments that you see every day in parks and public places, or the information signs and decorative signs that you see in city spaces? These and other items like them are important factors that help to shape the face of a city. Our business is giving life and function to each of these items.
Our primary three concerns are trust, valuing the bonds of confidence that we have created with our customers, accuracy, focusing on consistent craftsmanship and strict quality control, and speed, generating cost performance which raises production efficiency, in accordance with the sign business integration between the head plant and the flower green plant. Our business philosophy is anchored in these three concepts, as we gather together utmost energy to devote to the creation of comfortable life spaces.

Manufacturing large box lettering

“SAI” Series: With visibility and harmony, this original signage series meets various needs and our ongoing technology development makes it evolve even further.

Major Products
Planning, design, production, application of metal-decorated sign, LED sign, and the related products
General machining processing of stainless steel, brass, copper, and aluminum
“SAI” Series
Computer system development
Major Customers
Companies who produce advertisements and neon signs
Companies who produce displays
Companies who produce construction hardware
Companies who produce park facilities
Companies who produce gardening facilities
Major Facilities/Equipment
Laser beam machine 3
 1500 x 2500
Punch press 1
 1200 x 2400
Water jet machine 1
 1000 x 1000
NC brake 4
 4M, 2.5M
CNC machining center 2
 400 x 800
Technology Employed
Other manufacturing industry
We have established a special department for planning and development, and are working to develop original products.
Other manufacturing industry
We meet a broad variety of customer needs, from tracings to presentations.
Other manufacturing industry
We complete all steps from drawing creation to manufacture and installation for standing signs, information signs, monuments, and other items.
Other manufacturing industry
A speedy processing of plate metal by the punch press is possible.
Other manufacturing industry
Our NC machining center allows us to perform a broad range of cutting.
Other manufacturing industry
Our laser beam machine can cut materials such as stainless steel, brass, aluminum, and acrylic.
Other manufacturing industry
We are equipped with in-house painting booths for painting.
Other manufacturing industry
Basic types of finishing for box lettering and information signs includes hairline finishing, mirror finishing, sulfide matte, and a broad range of other surface treatments. We can also perform special surface treatments, including the use of sublimation dyes and jewel coats.
Other manufacturing industry
Our 15 CAD/CAM machines are used for the production process, from metal machining to display surface production.
In addition, introduction of 3-D development software for sheet metal allows us to produce any products.
Other manufacturing industry
We can apply our original manufacturing IT technology to meet all kinds of customer requests.
Primary Area of Technical Expertise

With LED sign production as our core business, we supply a broad range of products to meet customer needs.
We have also established resin processing technology by adding grinding techniques to our cutting, bending, joining, and finishing abilities.
This has brought us to develop new brands such as “SAI” series.

Future Technical Challenges
Other manufacturing industry
Metal surface treatment expression

・Our Handrail Braille received the Grand Prize for Universal Design at the 7th Hiroshima Good Design Awards.
・Our Real Plate received the Grand Prize for Engineering at the 8th Hiroshima Good Design Awards.
・Selected as a FY 2000 Research Business for New Problem-solving Technology (F/S)
・Selected as a FY 2002 Research Business for New Problem-solving Technology (R&D)
・Selected as a FY 2003 Research Business for New Problem-solving Technology (R&D)
・Our ts LIGHT received the Grand Prize for Engineering at the 9th Hiroshima Good Design Award.
・Our Braille ST received the Grand Prize for Universal Design at the 10th Hiroshima Good Design Awards.

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