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Asunaro Honpo Co., Ltd.


Hiromi IMANAKA (Ms.)
Year established
13,000,000 yen
21,000,000 yen
Postal (zip) code
Company address
3471-2 Karuga-cho, Asakita-ku, Hiroshima-shi
Company PR
We are challenging a research of the myrrh and various product developments using the myrrh. The myrrh, a resin of burseraceae growing to Ethiopia and the desert in North Africa, is food additive and safe material. A joint research with three universities, including Hiroshima University, is executed and a wonderful functionality medicinal effect is proven in the myrrha. We are challenging the sales of OEM extracted material of the deodorant medicine that utilize the characteristics of myrrh, and also the food deodorant. Also we succeeded in developing the technology that reduce odor which is the garlic's obstruction factor in several hours after eating garlic. And technically tied-up with JA Towada Oirase which is the best garlic production in Japan. Sale nationwide as a premium garlic. We develop drinking water to deodorize the pet odor, the body soap of aging odors as the deodorant composition, the detergent which erases the smell of the food ingredients for the kitchen. We are promoting the sales to Southeast Asia.

Shoes and socks deodorant Shoshu Haou which can deodorize 6 major malodors, and especially effective for the acetic acid smell of perspiration.

The etiquette intention foods, which have the same nutritional contents "deliciousness" and "spiciness" as normal garlic, erase the obstructive factor of the smell of garlic in several hours after eating.

Major Products
Deodorant for shoes and socks Shoshu Haou
Vegetable deodorant (Miru Seikatsu)
Extracted liquid
Major Customers
Nosacks Co., Ltd.
Technology Employed
Chemical industry
Using the natural material myrrh extract, deodorize both the alkaline odor and acidic odor.
Chemical industry
Using the myrrh extract, which is a food product additive, inhibit the hyaluronidase enzyme.
Primary Area of Technical Expertise

Our product is a highly safe deodorizer that uses the natural material myrrh extract, and the elimination of acetic acid odor, which is a smell of perspiration, is possible. Also, the indoor endocrine disrupter formaldehyde is possible. It can eliminate both the alkaline odor and acidic odor. Results from oral toxicity testing show no toxicity.

Future Business Challenges
Develop and commercialize the skin care product such as cosmetics.
Commercialization of and material supply for the functional food product that use the food product additive myrrh extract.
Future Technical Challenges
Chemical industry
Development of food that utilize the allergy inhibitory effect and the hyaluronic acid decomposition inhibitory function of the myrrh component.
Chemical industry
Commercialization of anti-aging cosmetics that have the hyaluronic acid decomposition inhibitory function of myrrh component.
Chemical industry
Sale of drinking water that erases pet body odor

・5 patents including liquid deodorizer and its manufacturing method, etc are applying
A joint research with university etc. (Shinshu University, Hiroshima University, Hiroshima University graduate school etc)
・8 Patent applications of the research on deodorant (six large stinks) analysis of myrrh
・Pharmacological verification research of effect of skin disease improvement by myrrh
・Functional evaluation of myrrh (antiallergic activity)
Intellectual property right
・Patent application of low smell garlic device
・Patent application of composition for deodorant

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