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Satoshi TODA (Mr.)
Year established
10,000,000 yen
1,200,000,000 yen
Postal (zip) code
Company address
Please contact us from "Contact" in our website below.
Company PR
We design and manufacture "inspenction tool" to support the quality of the car, production of Various jigs, Molding Type, prototype model, micro-accuracy precision machinary processing as a good partner of automotive industry.Now, in the automotive industry, often said "If you seek a precision inspection tool, TODA is the answer."We master the precision of the parts by supporting customer demands, such as high speed and cost in the field of design and produce stage.As a combination product experienced craftsmanship parts, one by one, and checks on industry-leading quality management systems.We create reliable products which process in pursuit of the ultimate accuracy, and deliver to our customers.

Work scene of assembling the main body PCF inspection tool in order to assemble in the body shell.

Assembled carbon gauge is fitted with body shell.

Major Products
Automobile checking fixture (body, vehicle)
Various types of jigs (such as heat-resistance test jigs and assembly jigs)
Special dies (vibration welding dies, dies with wood grain, vacuum forming dies), prototype dies
Jigs for aircrafts
Precision machining of single parts, and sales of inspection jig parts (angle plates, standard parts, others)
Major Customers
Mazda Motor Corporation
Mitsubishi Motors
Hirotec Corporation
Major Facilities/Equipment
Gantry-type 5-axis machining centers 2
 Okuma MCRB II 4800×2800×1600, Okuma MCRA 3000×1700×1500
NC machining centers 10
 Okuma MCVA II 3800×1700×1360, Okuma (611V, 511V, others), Yamazaki (YZB-85NCR)
Simultaneous five-shaft machining 1
 OKK VP400-5AX 350×350 H380
3-dimensional measuring equipment 3
 Tokyo Boeki Laymatic-J1615 (3780×2500), Tokyo Boeki Tomas 1015 (4460×1800)
CAD/CAM systems 36
 CATIA (3D), Auto CAD, Cimatron Work NC, NEWGNC
Technology Employed
Production machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
We utilize 3D technologies to create concepts and drawings of the functions required by our customers.
Production machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
We are capable of all kinds of precision machining in 3 dimensions.
Production machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
We are capable of a variety of precision machining, including machining of holes, flat surfaces, and shapes in units of 1/100 mm.
Production machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
We can produce wide variety AL and SS cans in all sizes.
Production machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
We can assemble and adjust a large number of complex precision parts in a short time, while ensuring the Assy accuracy.
Production machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
We have created a complete quality assurance system covering everything from function checks to installation, product trials, and customer satisfaction.
Primary Area of Technical Expertise

We are able to apply the precision machining technologies that we have developed over many years with inspection jigs in order to provide a complete tool service from concept proposals to operation by the customer. We are capable of manufacturing tools including only-one parts and tools that are the size of an automobile.

Future Business Challenges
A broad range of design-stage proposals for the tools and specification needed by the customer
Construction of a production management system that is compatible with global production
Applying the technologies we have acquired to carry out production which satisfies the customers in terms of cost, delivery time, and quality
Future Technical Challenges
Production machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
Development of tools that incorporate specification concepts allowing the effective use of measurement sensors and other devices
Production machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
Development of standard parts which can be recycled. R&D aimed at new carbon materials.
Production machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
3D simulation proposal technology for use in the design stage
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