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Campus Medico Co., Ltd.


Yuuji TAKADA(Mr.)
Year established
3,000,000 yen
Postal (zip) code
Company address
6-6-29 Shoko Center, Nishi-ku, Hiroshima-shi
Company PR
CampusMedico, Inc. is a venture company from Kasumi Campus, Hiroshima University. This is the business model to obtain the royalty by permitting the sublicense of the patent technology which Professor Hiroki Nikawa at Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, acquired to various enterprises. We are working hard day and night under the corporate philosophy "Pleasing as many people as possible by using a patent of Hiroshima University (Professor Nikawa)."
There are two main products (patented) 1. "Etak" is the immobilized-bactericide. 2. "L8020 bacteria" is lactic acid bacteria which can be expected to prevent bad tooth and periodontal disease.

Because the antimicrobial activity continues, the effect of suppressing the expansion of infection can be expected on Etak. Continually exert bactericidal action for influenza viruses and bacteria (Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus)

L8020 is a lactic acid bacterium that decreases the number of periodontitis bacteria and streptococcus mutansu. Shikoku nyugyou corporation and the industry-university cooperation commercialized.

Major Products
Etak: Also high effect on influenza A (H1N1)
8020Yogurt (110g): A commodity that used L8020. (lactic acid)
8020Drinkable Yogurt (110ml): A commodity that used L8020. (lactic acid)
Major Customers
Kurabo Industries Ltd. - The white robe, dress shirt, the school uniform, and the sporting shirt, etc. are manufactured by using the Etak processed fiber.
Jex Co.,Ltd. - Manufacture and sales of immobilized antimicrobial which is using Etak.
Shikoku nyugyou corporation - Production and sales of 8020Yogurt
Technology Employed
Food manufacturing industry
L8020 (lactic acid bacteria) has the effect of controlling the periodontitis bacteria and streptococcus mutansu.
Other manufacturing industry
Etak is disinfection component of the ethoxysilane system that can be immobilized.
Primary Area of Technical Expertise

Describe L8020 (lactic acid) and Etak (International patent pending)!!!
"ETAK" is a registered trademark
"8020Yogurt" is applying for the trademark registration.

Future Technical Challenges
The commercialization of various fields is being considered by using the material which is using Etak.
(4 Listed company, 1 major sports-goods manufacturer, and several other companies are in development.)

Patent application, registration of trade mark
"ETAK" is applying for International patent. "L8020" is patent pending.(Hiroshima University)
"L0802" and the mark of "ETAK" are registered trademarks of Hiroshima University of National Universities Corporation.
"ETAK" is a registered trademark of CampusMedico, Inc.
CampusMedico is applying for the registration of trade mark of "8020Yogurts".

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