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Mamoru ITANO (Mr.)
Year established
10,000,000 yen
120,000,000 yen
Postal (zip) code
Company address
468Kamigouchi,Itsukaichi-cho,Saeki-ku, Hiroshima-shi
Company PR
Our original occupation is designing the paper package, and manufacturing the cutting die. We plan and develop paper products not just package for business use, but also household goods, and novelties by skills of designing interior elevation these days.
Come to us if you want creative products, unique packaging and paper product plans. We can also help delivery of the products.

We develop a little bit different, unique product using cardboard or paper which is attracting attention as green materials. (SP related product etc)

We actively promotes to develop original products with new ideas. (Furniture made of corrugated cardboard for children)

Major Products
Packaging designing and planning
Package products, Paper novelties, Paper products, Planning and Selling
Wooden/punching die
Commodities related to punching die
Consulting business related to punching die
Major Customers
Ai Media Co., Ltd.
Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.
Mazda Ace Co.,Ltd.
Yamain Co., Ltd.
Shoei Co., Ltd.
Oji container Co., Ltd
Major Facilities/Equipment
CAD system for packaging 4
 Packaging, wooden die dedicated CAD
Illustrator and others (for MAC and Win) 2
 Design data creation system
Sample cutter 2
 Packaging sample production CAM system
Automatic bender 1
 Automatic cutting edge bender for wooden die production
Simple cutting 1
 Small lot dedicated corrugated box production machine
Technology Employed
Pulp/paper/paper converting industry
We have our own know-how for the planning of paper products.
Pulp/paper/paper converting industry
We make it possible to create new attractive products by adding expressiveness for designing to the conventional engineering design.
Pulp/paper/paper converting industry
We pursue new performance by making and combining the structures made of paper materials which have different characteristics.
Pulp/paper/paper converting industry
We approach the research and commercialization of advantage technology related to punching.
Pulp/paper/paper converting industry
We focus our efforts on developing and proposing the products which does not become garbage by making use of the environmental-friendly character of paper products (such as corrugated board) and packaging products.
Future Business Challenges
Not only corrugated and coated board, we focus on all papers, especially on newly developed paper materials, bring in, and aim for the adaptation of paper products to the field never before adapted.
Focusing our efforts on developing and penetrating the products matching with the cyclical form society, ~
We aim for creation in touch with sensibility to replace feelings of affairs, humans and objects with shapes (which is the concept of “Craft Wafers” and “Package Crafts”).
Future Technical Challenges
Pulp/paper/paper converting industry
Construction of production system not putting out the garbage

Registration, application and list of intellectual property rights

Patent Patent application 2011-220510  (pending), Patent application 2012-27759 (pending)
Registration of design Registration No. 1423141, Registration No. 1432334, Registration No. 1435431,
Registration No. 1442389, Registration No. 1443073, Registration No. 1443074,
Registration No. 1444534, Registration No. 1445969, Registration No. 1445970,
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Registration No. 1459040, Registration No. 1473043, Registration No. 1479931
Application for design registration 2013-17284 (pending), Application for design registration 2013-17285 (pending)
Registration No. 5157072, Registration No. 5462107, Registration No. 5542275,
Trademark Application number 2013-20080(pending)
Registration of trade mark Registration No. 5157072, Registration No. 5462107, Registration No. 5542275,
Trademark Application number 2013-20080(pending)

(As of Sep 2013)

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