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Moriyama Giken, Ltd.


Hideo MORIYAMA (Mr.)
Year established
3,000,000 yen
40,000,000 yen
Postal (zip) code
Company address
Company PR
Moriyama Giken is engaged in all stages of production, from design to manufacture, of the machines, conveyer belts, maintenance services, and components that are used in the production lines at food product manufacturers, semiconductor manufacturers, component manufacturers, and other customers. We possess our own original development capability, enabling us to respond immediately to customer requests, and to deliver order-made products.

This apparatus is a hot air dryer. Stainless steel net is used, and its speed is adjustable. The temperature control can be adjusted freely from 0°C to 300°C.

With this apparatus, easy baking between the iron plates is possible. The temperature range can be set separately for upper and lower plate from 0°C to 250°C.

Major Products
Complete sets of conveyors for food processing and industrial machinery
PCB-related machinery, screw tightening machines, soldering machines, etc.
Press-fit machines, bucket turnover machines, hand machines
Cleaning equipment, sprinkling application equipment
Processing of precision machine parts, processing of food-processing machine parts, complete sets of jigs, others
Major Customers
Companies manufacturing food products
Semiconductor manufacturers
Hitachi Building Systems Co., Ltd.
Companies manufacturing automobile parts
Companies manufacturing precision parts
Major Facilities/Equipment
Bender, shearing saw, corner shear
Neutral bore milling machine 1
Lathe 1

Gas welder Argon welder 3
Radial drilling machine Drilling machine 6
Technology Employed
Production machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
We use AutoCAD to produce drawings in close consultation with the customer.
Production machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
We are capable of machining, welding, and can-making using iron and stainless steel, including both thin and thick sheets.
Production machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
We design production lines to reduce customer costs and increase production capacity.
Production machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
We have know-how and experience related to machinery utilizing assembly sets, electric assembly sets, program control, cylinders, and other elements.
Production machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
We have experience processing a broad range of parts for food-processing and industrial machinery.
Production machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
Our company is capable of handling all elements from design to manufacture and maintenance.
Primary Area of Technical Expertise

Our company possesses superior development capabilities for the design and manufacture of food-processing and industrial machinery, and we are capable of manufacturing products that are made-to-order. Because of the small number of staff, we are agile enough to provide immediate response and rapid delivery. We also can accept orders for small high-quality lots.

Future Business Challenges
Exhibit our company’s products at exhibitions of food-processing and industrial machinery.
Improve our company’s capabilities and product quality.
t a broad range of customer needs.
Improve our company’s sales capabilities.
Future Technical Challenges
Production machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
Further improve our automated machinery which utilizes computers.
Production machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
Reduce the size of our machinery, and improve our designs.

We possess a number of registered patents and patents pending.

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