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Fujisco Co., Ltd.


Keisuke UEDA (Mr.)
Year established
25,000,000 yen
1,200,000,000 yen
Postal (zip) code
Company address
3-21-29 Funakoshiminami, Aki-ku,
Company PR
As a pioneer in health and the building of a rich food culture, Fujisco is focused both on creating a system which can meet customer needs, and on the development of new products. We are capable of producing a broad range of products in small-lot quantities for quick delivery. Our products are available in both paper and glass containers. With increasing calls for reliability and safety in our food culture, we have enacted a total system of quality control, and are aiming to succeed as a comprehensive food products manufacturer, whose products are fully enjoyed by our customers.
Major Products
Vermont beverages, amino acid supply beverages, citric acid supply beverages
Shaved ice syrups, chanmery beverages
Soft drinks and syrups for commercial use
Seasonings (plain soup stock, ultra-spicy flavored soy sauce)
Spicy gourmet salt
Major Customers
Wholesalers for food and liquor industry
Health food wholesalers for drug stores, etc
Food trading companies, etc.
Major Facilities/Equipment
Pure pack filling machine 1.8L 1
 1,500 packs/hour
Pure pack filling machine 1L, 500ml 1
 2,000 packs/hour
High pressure sterilizer 1
 120°C, 2,500 L/hour
Bottle filling machine 1
 1L-500ml type, 1,000 bottles/hour
Soda bottle filling machine 1
 360 mL type, 3,000 bottles/hour
Technology Employed
Drink/tobacco/feed manufacturing industry
We have achieved many successful results over our 50 year career.
Drink/tobacco/feed manufacturing industry
We achieve excellent results for sterilization with our ultra-high pressure sterilizer.
Drink/tobacco/feed manufacturing industry
We can handle special dissolution with mineral content like calcium, etc.
Drink/tobacco/feed manufacturing industry
We can sterilize any type of container with our ultra-sterilizing and pasteurizing equipment.
Drink/tobacco/feed manufacturing industry
We can fill containers from 300 mL to 20L, as well as handle paper and glass type containers.
Drink/tobacco/feed manufacturing industry
We ensure double inspections during processing and sampling, before and after shipping.
Drink/tobacco/feed manufacturing industry
We are preparing to apply for HACCP certification.
Primary Area of Technical Expertise

We are proficient at producing and packaging refreshing beverages, seasonings, etc., in either glass or paper. We have the expertise it takes to make the production of small quantities possible.

Future Business Challenges
Tablet and powder foods.
Expansion to the health food industry.
Enhancement of product planning, engineering and manufacturing by incorporating customer’s needs in advance into a new product.
Future Technical Challenges
Drink/tobacco/feed manufacturing industry
We think a company’s lifeline is to develop new products.
Drink/tobacco/feed manufacturing industry
We would like to acquire fermentation technology in order to develop new health foods.
Drink/tobacco/feed manufacturing industry
We intend to obtain HACCP certification to ensure control of quality hazards.
Drink/tobacco/feed manufacturing industry
We would like to progress in automation in order to improve cost reduction and labor saving.
Drink/tobacco/feed manufacturing industry
We would like to acquire the technology for extracting special ingredients.
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