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Faxis Co., Ltd.


Yasutoyo ISHIMARU (Mr.)
Year established
10,000,000 yen
300,000,000 yen
Postal (zip) code
Company address
3-14-17 Nishikaniya, Minami-ku, Hiroshima-shi
Company PR
We produce precision sheet metal made from materials such as iron, stainless steel, and aluminum. We make the best use of the knowledge and expertise we have developed over 67 years since the establishment, so we can handle any kind of customer request from product design to assembly
ISO9001:2000 has been acquired.

Drawing on our strength in precision plating, we provide machining to a flatness of within 0.01 mm for use in IT related devices.

Drawing on our strength in precision sheet metal, we can offer seamless manufacturing, from production to assembly. Using this process, we make equipment for food related products.

Major Products
Semiconductor equipment, LCD equipment, precision sheet metal, and precision plating
Various types of dryers (futon, tatami mat, automotive painting, manufactured products on conveyor belts, special fibers, etc.)
Iron, aluminum, and stainless steel ducts, boxes, tanks, etc.
Various types of soundproofing, environmental, and recycling equipment
Automatic guided vehicle (golf carts, factory driverless carts)
Major Customers
Panasonic Factory Solutions Co., Ltd.
Panasonic Shikoku Electronics Co., Ltd.
TAZMO Co., Ltd.
Rorze Corporation
Technology Employed
Fabricated metal products manufacturing industry
Aluminum and stainless steel welding.
Fabricated metal products manufacturing industry
Superior general assembly expertise.
Primary Area of Technical Expertise

Precision plating, precision casemaking (aluminum, stainless steel), 5-surface machining, comprehensive and integrated processing
Zero tolerance failures, lower costs, shorter delivery periods.
We make it our motto to provide “speedy and neat” work that results in a total cost reduction for our customers.

Future Business Challenges
We have developed an original tatami mat warmer/dryer, Clean Boy. We would like to promote this product which provide healthy living environments without the harmful effects of chemicals. (Intellectual industrial property rights)
We developed our popular romantic outdoor lighting which, when compared to the old style pine torchlights, is lightweight and burns for 2 - 3 hours.
Equipment for pruning plants and trees, and crushing and collecting the leaves and branches (patent pending) - Green R green which covers chipping, recycling, and spreading, with low operating and transportation costs
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