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Waraku Corporation


Takashi TSUCHIDA (Mr.)
Year established
Postal (zip) code
Company address
9-12-30 Kuchita-minami, Asakita-ku,
Company PR
We provide medium- to long-term management support services to small to mid-sized business owners and sole proprietors. We encourage dissemination of information and utilization of public support system in particular. As to dissemination of information, we have achieved superior cost performance by employing PR methods utilizing web (with a central focus on social networking service), mass medium and town magazine. As for utilization of public support system, we also assist gaining approval of SME support system such as "Hiroshima medium and small-sized business management innovation plan". In addition to this, we also provide start-up support to student, plan and create apps for Smartphone and provide marketing support of imported sundries. Additionally, we also provide HR matching service as needed taking advantage of human network across industries.
Major Customers
NPO Mugen Daigaku (Hiroshima-shi)
Art Noah (Hiroshima-shi)
KAMYU Co., Ltd. (Hiroshima-City)
General Incorporated Association, Nou-Shoku-I Dougen Agricultural and Nutritional Healing Research Center (Hiroshima-City)
Tibetan sundry shop "AN" (Hiroshima-City)
Future Business Challenges
Plann and create gaming apps aiming at regional industrial development (For Smartphone and Nintendo DS.)
Provide support for business development to high-school and college students. Migration Customer attraction model utilizing point affiliate system.
Sales system of miscellaneous goods in Southeast Asia and Middle East. Business transaction with local stuff via Skype.
Create company brochure imitating town magazine.
Create games that work in conjunction with local TV / radio program and social networking services. Some clues are published in local newspapers and town magazines.

■Past Achievements

【Approved or Completed】
・Hiroshima medium and small-sized business management innovation plan.
SME Support Division Directive 155.
・Ditto, SME Support Division Directive 208.
・Manpower development including collaboration of agriculture, commerce and industry. (National Federation of Small Business Associations).

【Supported for Gaining Approvals】
・Support system of local revitalization ,"Good Fortune". (Eighth, Miyahara Suisan Co., Ltd.)
・Hiroshima medium and small-sized business management innovation plan. SME Support Division Directive 14. (KAMYU Co., Ltd.)

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