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Pipe Design, Inc.


Hiroshi OURA (Mr.)
Year established
10,000,000 yen
Postal (zip) code
Company address
1-21-35 KusatsuShinmachi,Nishi-ku,
Company PR
Since 1987, we have been involved in the development and sales of the “PIPE series” software package related to the sewer system designed for civil engineers.
In recent years, we have received many inquiries concerning asset management, mostly from local government bodies.
In response to such requests, Pipe Design, Inc. offers drafting and consulting for work systems related to water supply and drain facilities, entrusted development of systems, and web applications that utilize the GIS geographical information system.



Major Products
Package software (sewer system design) development section
Entrusted development section
Entrusted design and analysis section
Training section
Overseas software localization section
Major Customers
Public offices and associated groups
Construction consultants
General construction companies
Civil engineering design offices
Major Facilities/Equipment
 Intranet servers: 2
 File servers: 1
Personal computers for development and testing 30
 Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Mobile environment
 Notebook computers: 4
 PDAs: 2
Printers 2
 Combined machines, plotters
Technology Employed
Information service industry
We provide an efficient system for carrying out a linked process of sewer pipe and drain system planning and execution design.
Information service industry
We offer entrusted development according to suggestions for making use of software such as AutoCAD, Microsoft products, or GIS.
Information service industry
We offer various kinds of data conversions, CAD data construction, GIS data construction, various kinds of analyses (structural analysis, drain flow analysis), 3D data creation and other services.
Information service industry
We offer AutoCAD training classes to suit the user’s level, and other support such as creation of operation manuals.
Information service industry
We are involved in localization of technical software from various countries for the Japanese domestic market. In many cases, software operation manuals are written using foreign specifications (for example, the units for weight, area or volume), and we translate these by converting them to Japanese specifications.
Primary Area of Technical Expertise

We have extensive development experience in developing and drafting software to design and maintenance infrastructure environments for water supply and sewer systems, parks, and other facilities.
We give shape to the user’s needs, by using three dimensional design techniques or taking other approaches.

Future Business Challenges
Drafting, development, and maintenance of a web-based geographical information contents service
Training business centered on software such as CAD and GIS
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