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I.S.C Co., Ltd.

Infomation-communication Industry

Seiki Oda
Year established
7,000,000 yen
150,000,000 yen
Postal (zip) code
Company address
Kaku Bldg 2F
3-8 Kyobashicho, Minami-ku, Hiroshima
Company PR
We solve challenges and problems of small and medium-sized businesses by IT solution. We are a service business and also a solution business.

We are good at SEO and you will find our website listed at the top of the first page of Google and Yahoo search result by the keyword "SEO Hiroshima".


We create website that only appears at the top of the search result taking advantage of our strength in SEO.

Major Products
SEO (search engine optimization) service. We have a record of sales of this service to many small and medium-sized businesses.
We create (search engine optimized) website that only appears at the top of the search result.
Remote Maintenance Service: Service varies from "How to Use Computer Software" to troubleshooting and consulting service.
Business Efficiency Improvement Support: From developing software, constructing hardware to building networks.
Various support for attracting more customers to small and medium-sized businesses. (Website analysis, generating information of newly discovered customers, etc.)
Major Facilities/Equipment
Servers 3
Personal Computers 25
Technology Employed
Information service industry
Server-client application development
WEB application development
Information service industry
Network construction by wired and wireless LAN.
Construction of in-house network between bases through VPN.
Information service industry
Various server setting and operation such as Windows, Linux.
Proposal, introduction, and operation of virtualization of server.
Information service industry
Contract business of maintenance work in the locale
Contract business of kitting and developing of the product
Information service industry
We support website design, mail order site construction, SEO measures of major search engines and exhibit of advertisements.
Primary Area of Technical Expertise

We have a certain technology that we worked on the large-scale system development many times. Our customer takes up various topics from distributive trade and the wholesale industry to medical. We propose the solution that can cover the problem that is not only a present problem but also can occur in the future by ascertaining the true nature of the problem.

Future Technical Challenges
Internet-associated service industry
Application development for high performance mobile device (Smartphone)
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