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KN Information Systems Co., Ltd.

Infomation-communication Industry

Tatsuo SAKAMOTO(Mr.)
Year established
50,000,000 yen
346,000,000 yen
Postal (zip) code
Company address
2-6-31 Hikari-machi, Higashi-ku, Hiroshima-shi
Company PR
Our management philosophy is to be a wonderful company by being people who can be trusted and being a company that is reliable. As a company that provides high quality information services, we're devoting to providing customer-focused services dispassionately from the perspective of customers, improving customer satisfaction and creating new values for customers. create worth-while for this reason, we have created a framework which can provide total support to our customers’ systems, including system proposals, analysis and design, development, operational support, training, and network construction. Our product "KPR" is an integrated management system for the construction industry. Based on five basic administrative tasks that are commonly managed in many industries (attendance, allowance, financial affairs, business performance, fixed assets), the tasks peculiar to the construction industry (sales, construction works, JV, equipments, etc.) are integrated into the system, which is customizable flexibly and freely.
Picture 2

"Kinderland" is a shift management system to support nursery teachers who work hard.

Picture 3

"College pro" enables you to collectively manage the complicated and wide-ranging student information in detail easily and quickly.

Major Products
Working shift management system "Job's Meister"
Work schedule management system for nursery teachers "Kinderland"
[For various vocational schools / junior colleges] Educational affairs management system "College pro"
“KPR”, an integrated construction management system
Groupware "WebPlaza"
Software development, Dispatch of engineers
Design and architecture support for system network
Major Facilities/Equipment
Server 37
 Windows, Linux
Personal computer 50
Technology Employed
Information service industry
Browser-server Systems primarily for the construction industry, automobile-manufacturing industry, and other such industries
Information service industry
System Architecture of open source software
Information service industry
Network Architecture of Internet and Intranet
Information service industry
Design development of Windows applications
Information service industry
Experience using major databases (Oracle, Sybase, PostgresSQL)
Information service industry
Development of key business systems using Java technology
Information service industry
Java, VisualBasic, ・Net, ASP, C , PowerBuilder, Novellextend, perl
Primary Area of Technical Expertise

We meet the needs of all kinds of customers. Our company can provide total service and support for system proposal, analysis, design, development, operational support, education, and network construction, and systems.

Future Business Challenges
Development of business systems using Java & NET technology
Personal of service utilizing cloud service<
Proposal of systems using the newest information technology
Development of systems using the open souce software
Future Technical Challenges
Information service industry
System consulting making use of our knowledge of business, the construction industry, and other fields
Information service industry
Design of applications using application servers and distributed object code
Information service industry
Development of systems which apply Java, XML, and other coding technologies
Information service industry
Development of systems using Open Source Software
Information service industry
Development of systems with apply cloud and mobile terminal technologies
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