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Toyo Foods Co.,Ltd.

Manufacturing Industry

Tsukasa NAKATANI (Mr.)
Year established
10,000,000 yen
Postal (zip) code
Company address
2-31-10 Nishihara, Asaminami-ku, Hiroshima-shi
Company PR
○  Management philosophy
  To promote "local production for local consumption", ensure "food "security and safety, and contribute to the local community.

Our company manufactures tofu, prepared food, and sweets.

We are aiming to be "a community-based company providing safe and secure food", not only by manufacturing products of "local production for local consumption" using what have been harvested in the local, but also by developing products in cooperation with local companies.

As the interest in food safety and security further increases in recent years, we will continue to contribute to the local community by improving quality and providing better products.

Major Products
Firm tofu
Soft tofu
Fresh tofu
Grilled tofu
Aburaage (thin fried tofu)
Atsuage (thick fried tofu)
Ganmodoki (Deep-fried tofu mixed with sliced vegetables)
Rice cake wrapped in a tofu pouch
Oden-related products
Warabimochi (Bracken-starch dumpling)
Major Customers
Firm tofu production line
Soft tofu production line
Atsuage (thick fried tofu) production line
Kinuatsuage (thick fried soft tofu) production line
Aburaage (thin fried tofu) production line
Ganmodoki production line
Warabimochi production line
Prepared food processing room
Future Business Challenges
Joint product development and sales in collaboration with other industries
  To make products combining our products with other food manufacturing products.
Production and sales in cooperation with primary industries.
  To process all of what have been harvested by contracted farmers and sell them with our products.
Company stores
  Sales stores for our products, jointly developed products、and contract farming products
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