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Toko Printing, Inc.


Hiromi OGURA (Mr.)
Year established
84,000,000 yen
3,100,000,000 yen
Postal (zip) code
Company address
7-5-15 Shoko center, Nishi-ku, Hiroshima-shi
Company PR
Our company supports customers through digital technology that permits high-speed communication. We achieve quick delivery and high quality by employing a system that is fully integrated from planning to prepress and printing.
Major Products
Leaflets, catalogs, pamphlets, and other printed matter
Planning of advertising materials and commercial items; creation of designs
Paper products such as paper bags and packages
Printing of business forms such as sales slips and documents
Web planning/design, including home pages
Major Customers
Hiroshima city
Hiroshima prefecture
West Japan Railway Company
Izumi Co., Ltd.
JA Group Hiroshima
Major Facilities/Equipment
Four-color two-sided offset rotary printer 2
 Mitsubishi Lithopia 800
Sheet offset printer 2
 Heidelberg 102V, Heidelberg SORS
Editing WS 40
 Windows, Mac, Unix
Simplified proof press 6
 Color/monochrome high-speed PS network printer
Output device 4
 Supports film, CTP, DDC, and CIP3.
Technology Employed
Printing/printing-related industry
We plan and propose all types of printed matter, from leaflets, posters, and catalogs to CI/VI production and company guides.
Printing/printing-related industry
We plan and produce all types of advertising and commercial materials, including market surveys, events, new products, and store plans.
Printing/printing-related industry
We plan and offer Internet-related ideas, from home page creation to E-business proposals.
Printing/printing-related industry
We have a particularly outstanding record in leaflet printing thanks to our quick deliveries, low prices, and high quality.
Printing/printing-related industry
We utilize computer systems in all process control to make doubly sure of our quality and deadlines.
Printing/printing-related industry
We have developed a digital system that utilizes a network to comprehensively edit character and image data.
Printing/printing-related industry
We implement well-balanced editing of horizontal and vertical typesetting, Japanese and Western styles, character reduction, and other difficult aspects of Japanese typesetting.
Printing/printing-related industry
Employing our excellent data processing technology, we input printing-related data into databases and home pages.
Primary Area of Technical Expertise

Planning and production technology that accurately assesses customer sensibilities and needs in order to create and express images in the form of printed matter and advertising material, as well as highly complete digital technology and printing technology that achieves high quality and quick delivery

Future Business Challenges
Regional expansion and improved business efficiency by employing an advanced communications system
Advertising and communications operations that utilize comprehensive digital communications services
Future Technical Challenges
Printing/printing-related industry
On-demand printing technology that handles direct requests from customers for small-lot full-color printing
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