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Ueno Engei Co., Ltd.

Manufacturing Industry

Katsunori UENO (Mr.)
Year established
5,000,000 yen
10,000,000 yen
Postal (zip) code
Company address
3-10-14 Nagatsuka-nishi, Asaminami-ku, Hiroshima-shi
Company PR
We utilize the roof of the building and fallow land in cities, and aim at diffusing the hydroponics farming intended for the retired workers and city people. In cities, centralization of various functions, decrease of green zone, and collapse of community pose the environmental problems such as heat-island phenomenon and other issues. Consequently, interactions between people are now decreasing. Utilizing the roof gardening and fallow land by hydroponics contributes to the reduction of the heat-island phenomenon and revival of the related community, which brings the city people “comfort” and “pleasure.” In addition, we believe that our activity can also bring us “improvement in food self-supporting ratio” by returning to the farming.
Picture 1

【Midair planter:Three pillars】It is possible to grow vegetables easily even for beginners. Utilization as welfare and educational materials.

Picture 2

Midair cultivation begins in coral island of the Maldives.

Picture 3

【Midair planter:Ceiling type】It is suitable for the cultivation of the vine plants(such as tomato, melon, cucumber and pumpkin)

Picture 4

【Bristle method:Agriculture】It enables an intensive cultivation in a narrow area by setting out 8-15 plants in one pillar.

Picture 5

【Ceiling method:Agriculture】Energy saving agriculture to be cultivated in the warm air of the upper house.

Picture 6

【Agriculture as a reason for living after retirement】Aging prevention through farm work and joy of production harvest

Picture 7

【Provision of job opportunities for people with disabilities】Efforts to connect with society by working and receiving a reward.

Picture 8

【Midair plan-pet】Cultivation tool of automatic water supply reusing plastic bottles. It is used as educational materials.

Picture 9

Roof greening by reusing plastic bottles. Burden is not applied as it is light and low-cost.

Major Products
Midair cultivation system <Retired workers and aged farmers cultivate tomatoes, etc. together>
Ceiling type/roof greening system (Supply environmental countermeasure, place of recreation and relaxation, and pleasure in farming on the roof of the building.)
Midair planter<Vertical hydroponics device with automatic water supply(Tomate, herb, strawberry etc..)>
Wet-rice farming/roof greening system by reusing plastic bottles
Midair plan-pet (Plastic bottle reuse cultivation kit with automatic water supply)
Major Customers
Hiroshima Shinkin Bank
AVANCE Co., Ltd.
Nihon Sangyo Kyoiku Shinko Association
Major Facilities/Equipment
Midair planter:Three pillars Device size:700mm×700mm×1750mm(height)
 We received the prize in the category of Monodzukuri at the Tokyo Business Summit in 2009
Midair planter:Ceiling Type Device size:1000mm×4000mm×2000mm(height)
 Cultivation area:2m from the ground
 We received the Universal Grand Prize at the 12th Hiroshima Good Design Awards.
Midair plan-pet We received the Encouragement Prize at the 10th Hiroshima Good Design Awards.
Technology Employed
Other manufacturing industry
Midway cultivation technology: Hydroponics technology
Primary Area of Technical Expertise

Longtime experience and know-how are required for farming. Our midair cultivation technique is a combination of our experience as a farmer and hydroponics. This cultivation technique is intended for beginners in farming.

Future Business Challenges
Through the hydroponics on the roof of the building, we alleviate the countermeasure against the heat-island phenomenon, create shade and the place of recreation and relaxation, and supply pleasure in farming by the vegetable cultivation.
Proposal of Hydroponics /Plant factory as school education
Proposal of Agriculture for welfare 
 Efforts to connect with society by working and receiving a reward as like those of a healthy person
Future Technical Challenges
Other manufacturing industry

Patent No.5246576
Patent No. 4947424
Patent No. 4687118
Design registration No.1480357
Registered trademark No.4851951

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