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Miyake Food Industry Co., Ltd.


Shotaro MIYAKE (Mr.)
Year established
12,000,000 yen
Postal (zip) code
Company address
1581 Fushidani, Yuki-cho, Saeki-ku,
Company PR
With eighty or more years in the hana-katsuo (dried bonito shavings) business in Hiroshima, we are the oldest store of this kind in Hiroshima. Traditional craftsmanship and skill, coupled with the latest machinery, provides our customers with the finest quality products. Currently, our focus is on products for business use.

We respond to the needs of customers from regular product to differentiated specialty products with dozens of items in the lineup.

In addition to "dedicated mesh products containing a combination of several materials depending on application", the semi-order product can be manufactured.

Major Products
Processed bonito products
Thin/thick shavings of dried bonito
Mixed shavings of dried mackerel, round herring, etc.
Order blends for end users
Mesh-packed products
Major Customers
Act Lunch Co., Ltd. (Hiroshima city)
Toyokanko group. (Hiroshima city)
TSUJI Group. (Osaka city)
Hiyoriyama Kankou co. (Hyogo prefecture)
Kamei Tsusan Co., Ltd. (Kumamoto prefecture)
Major Facilities/Equipment
FM automatic shaver 5
Ishida automatic scale 2
 500 g - 2000 g
Ishida automatic scale 2
 50 g - 500 g
Nitrogen gas permuter 3
Technology Employed
Food manufacturing industry
Focuses efforts on commercializing concepts based on end users’ needs.
Food manufacturing industry
Uses high-temperature pressure ovens for sterilization, etc.
Food manufacturing industry
Determines shaving thickness to suit fish quality in units of 0.1 mm.
Primary Area of Technical Expertise

All dried fish - including bonito, mackerel, and sardine - can be shaved to the desired thickness (in 0.1 mm). Mesh-packed products can be provided in accordance with customer’s order.

Future Business Challenges
Provide dried bonito products as delicacies.
Provide bonito as tsukudani (preserved food boiled down in soy).
Future Technical Challenges
Food manufacturing industry
Find a method to fully use existing technology, without spoiling the food’s original flavor.
Food manufacturing industry
Aim to make products of unchanging quality.
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