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Nishii Seisakusho, Ltd.


Hiroaki NISHII (Mr.)
Year established
36,000,000 yen
700,000,000 yen
Postal (zip) code
Company address
1-17 Minamimyojinmachi, Kaita-cho, Aki-gun, Hiroshima-ken
Company PR
Founded 93 years ago (in 1918), we have constantly strived for higher quality of products and the confidence of our customers, based on our techniques that have been cultivated in tradition, under the substantial control system which has acquired JISQ9100(JISQ9100) certification.
Major Products
Vehicle license plates, signs
Aircraft parts
Semiconductor-related equipment
Precision jigs and dies
Design, develop and test various automatic machines.
Major Customers
Vehicle’s licence plate issuing agents
IHI Corporation
Japan Steel Works, LTD.
Tempearl Industrial Co., Ltd
Major Facilities/Equipment
Machining center 7
 Vertical machining, horizontal machining
 NC milling cutter
Electrical discharge machine 4
 NC and wire-cutting electrical discharge machines
Grinder 4
 Surface grinder, forming grinder, jig grinder
Lathe 9
 NC lathe, general-purpose lathe, lathe stand
Press 5
 25, 60, 80, 150
Technology Employed
Fabricated metal products manufacturing industry
In our inspection system in temperature-controlled room that includes three dimensional measuring devices, you can obtain an accurate measurement.
Fabricated metal products manufacturing industry
With presses ranging from 25 to 150 tons, can press both small and large items.
Fabricated metal products manufacturing industry
Conduct process control and quality control in accordance with JISQ9100(JISQ9100) certification.
Primary Area of Technical Expertise

Our skilled technical staff will conduct ultraprecision machining with latest numerical control machine in the management system that has acquired JISQ9100 (JISQ9100). We have also established an inspection system that ensures the making of reliable products.

Future Business Challenges
Expand aircraft related product line.
Expand design and development services of products, machining jigs and automatic machines utilizing high-precision processing technology and designing skill.
Future Technical Challenges
Fabricated metal products manufacturing industry
Improving processing accuracy of hard-to-cut material (Titanium and Inconel).
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