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Marufuku Food Products Co., Ltd.

Manufacturing Industry

Mitsuru NAKAGAWA (Mr.)
Year established
21,000,000 yen
Postal (zip) code
Company address
5-6-14 Yaga-shinmachi, Higashi-ku,
Corporate picture
Company PR
We manufacture and sell vacuum-packed foods and frozen foods processed with far-infrared ray heating or superheated steam heating. Naturally, we value our customers’ ease of mind and safety, and also aim to make appetizing foods that reflect the original flavors of the ingredients.
We also make specialty products using fresh ingredients from the mountains and sea in the Hiroshima region.
We accept small-lot orders.
Picture 1

Just like the deliciousness of raw oysters with far infrared heating method of patented technology.

Picture 2

We deliver new products and new technologies through repeated research and development.

Picture 3

Craftsmanship dedicated to roast for 60 years.

Major Products
Oyster roast
Chicken wing roast (Teba-yaki)
Fried chicken made without deep-frying in oil
Grilled oysters (Iso-yaki)
Broiled oyster (Kaba-yaki)
Major Customers
Wholesalers of food products for commercial use
Souvenir shops
Wholesalers of food delicacies
Major Facilities/Equipment
Heating equipment using both far-infrared rays and superheated steam 1
 Processing performance 150 kg/h
Continuous gas-roasting equipment/processing performance 1
 200 kg/h
Retort-sterilization equipment/processing performance 1
 150 kg/h
Freezing equipment
Technology Employed
Food manufacturing industry
Utilizing far-infrared ray heating or superheated steam heating, perform heating treatment without jeopardizing qualities of raw food materials.
Food manufacturing industry
Utilizing continuous gas-roasting equipment, perform continuous roasting for marine products and stock farm products. About 200 kg/h.
Food manufacturing industry
Perform pressurized heating sterilization for all kinds of raw materials.
Primary Area of Technical Expertise

Heat processing technologies that bring out the original flavors contained in food ingredients
Heating by using both far-infrared ray and superheated steam

Future Business Challenges
Making “specialty products” using Hiroshima products
Future Technical Challenges
Food manufacturing industry
Prevent deterioration of taste by retort-sterilization and produce products with natural taste.

We obtained a patent on producing method of frozen oysters. (Patent No. 1657692)
2002 - Hiroshima Prefecture Venture Business Start-up Technical Support
Research into manufacturing technology combining superheated steam heating and far-infrared ray heating
2005 - Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Research and Development Support
Development and study of combined use of superheated steam heating and radiant heat for oyster processing (industry/academia/government joint research)

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