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Sun Foods Co., Ltd.


Masanori NUNOZAKI (Mr.)
Year established
20,000,000 yen
323,560,000 yen
Postal (zip) code
Company address
1-26-1 Dejima, Minami-ku, Hiroshima-shi
Company PR
Our company has been walking with the development of the gastronomic culture in Hiroshima as the liquid seasoning manufacturer which centers on sauce since our foundation in 1916. This year marks the 94 anniversary of its founding.
And now, We are proud that our product "Mitsuwa okonomi sauce" is being used in all 27 stores at "Okonomi Village" which is nationally recognized as a food theme park of famous Hiroshima "Okonomi-yaki".
We think that everything concerning okonomi-yaki is our job. For instance, frozen okonomi-yaki manufacturing, okonomi-yaki cooking class holding, and demonstration sales of okonomi-yaki in foreign countries. The Mitsuwa okonomi sauce is exported to 14 foreign countries, and everybody in local is patronizing now.

Okonomi-yaki experiential learning has more than 3000 guests annually including the tourists from foreign countries.

Frozen okonomi-yaki of overseas export specification "Okonomi-yaki with udon (thick noodle)". Stick to hand-baked one by one, meat is not used.

Major Products
Mitsuwa Okonomi Sauce
Mitsuwa Yakisoba Sauce
Higashimaru Okonomi Sauce
Refrigerated okonomi-yaki, Okonomi-mura
Japanese-style barbecue sauce, Mama-no-aji (Mom’s Taste)
Major Customers
Daiei Bussan Co., Ltd.
Sumida Co., Ltd.
Kokubu Co., Ltd.
Yamae Hisano Co., Ltd.
JR Service Net Hiroshima Co., Ltd.
Major Facilities/Equipment
TLA automatic filling machine 1
 Fills cartons with liquid at the rate of 800/hr
FE-1000S-VC (quantitative filling machine) 1
 Fills various types of containers with liquid at the rate of 400/hr
Settled boiler (1500 liter) 5
Vacuum cooling device 1
 Vacuum cooling of foods
Quick-freezing machine 1
Technology Employed
Food manufacturing industry
Can heat various quantities of liquid seasoning from a minimum of 200 L/lot to a maximum of 3 kL/lot.
Food manufacturing industry
When mixing liquid seasoning, can cope with up to 1 kL of multiple types of seasonings each with a different specific gravity.
Food manufacturing industry
When filling with liquid, can cope with filling to approximately 5 g film bags to 25 kg plastic or paper containers.
Food manufacturing industry
Can offer various liquid seasoning packaging methods including film packaging, glass bottle packaging, and packaging in plastic/paper containers.
Primary Area of Technical Expertise

In order to foster related business, the company is sponsoring Okonomi-yaki classes, which give instruction of how to open a Hiroshima-style okonomi-yaki shop. Also offering advice on hot plates, cooking utensils, shop designs, budget plans, etc. to set up a shop.

Future Business Challenges
Oversea promotion campaign of Hiroshima-style okonomi-yaki
Sell Mitsuwa Okonomi Source across the country.
Future Technical Challenges
Food manufacturing industry
Apply membrane separation to liquid seasoning.
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