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Okada Vinyl Co., Ltd.


Hajime OKADA (Mr.)
Year established
1979 (Founded in 1971)
10,000,000 yen
170,000,000 yen
Postal (zip) code
Company address
2-1-2, Gion, Asaminami-ku, Hiroshima-shi
Company PR
We are processing order manufacturing of the plastic product since our foundation in 1971. Our specialties are the car verification case and the brassard. It is possible to make it from a small amount. It corresponds to the PP file folder, binder, and various kind of pocketbooks and various cases, with the considerable experience, technology and the mechanical equipment. W hot stamping machine, and automatic hot stamping machine, etc equip with five machines for gold foil print.
Hotel related products, such as the guest room information book, the memo folder, the slip putt, and the door sign, etc. are shipped to various domestic places.

The pocketbook type of the driver's license case is the most popular article in our company. From west Japan, the west of Kansai, it goes out to Kagoshima.

Special factory for
automobile inspection certificate case.
We hope limit order.
It is possible to ship at a low price.

Brassard pinched with clip.
Reflective brassard can be fabricated cheap.

Major Products
Special order stationery: Files, binders, paper binders, fixed asset document cases, pocket notebooks, document cases, name card holders
Traffic safety products: Arm bands, cross belts, banners, hanging banners, emblems, magnet indicator panels, school children goods, school bag covers
Theft-prevention products: Cross belts with light reflector, arm bands with light reflector, caps, jackets
Promotion items: Flags
Document cases: Automobile inspection certificate cases
Major Customers
Traffic safety associations across Japan
Major Facilities/Equipment
Shears 2
 Slitter, roll width 1100 m/m Cutter
Stamping press 5
 Automatic foil stamping press, 5-t foil stamping press 600-k foil stamping press. 500-k foil stamping press Baking foil stamping press 1 t, 1 unit
High-frequency welder 10
 Automatic high-frequency welder Rotary-type automatic high-frequency welder
PP equipment 3
 Ultrasound generator, heat pressing machine, heat reverse-pressing machine
 Automatic tape cutting machine Automatic button stamper, automatic eyelet stamper Silk print
Primary Area of Technical Expertise

We can produce ID card cases at ultra-low prices that are second to none.

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